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Here you will find an extensive list of WebTV tricks, addresses, commands, shortcuts and I have also thrown in a good amount of HTML tips and tricks. Don't forget to look in the JavaScripts section for loads of Cut & Paste, ready to use, scripts to power up your website as well as a complete list of scripting commands.   All to make your WebTV experience the best it can be. So grab a comfortable chair ... you may be here a while.
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PowerOff Codes
WebTV Technical Information
Photo Album
Flashrom Commands
IRC Tricks
HTML Tricks
WebTV: it neither dices nor slices
Dialing Options
Advanced Dialing Options
Echostar Logo
Reset Dialing Options
WebTV Powered Off
Guide Commands
Data Download
Guest Book
Home Commands
Browser History
Obscure Dialing Options
onClick Link Alert
About Me
Connection Setup 2
Mitsubishi Logo
WebTV Technical Information 3
WebTV Demo
You Dont Know Jack
Character Table
Welcome to PoeTV
Call Waiting Options
Connecting 2
NG Document Search
Forum Commands
Hack Tricks
WebTV Domains
Connection Setup
Options Bar
Philips Logo
onLoad Browser Info
Results from Form 1 of Page guest.htm
Chat Commands
Favorite Commands
Call Waiting Sensitivity
Configure BYOISP
Dialing Access Number
Samsung Logo
Unplug External Printer Adapter
onMouseOver Link Transport
Welcome to PoeTV
onLoad Name Prompt
URL's & Commands
WebTV Variables
onMouseOver Link Alert
onMouseOver Link Description
Dialing Options 2
ROMF Version
Staying Alive 2
Content Commands
Keyboard Tricks
Tutorial Commands
Color Chart
onLoad Confirm
Go Panel
Keyboard 2
Use My Own ISP
onClick Alert Button
Misc. HTML Tricks
WebTV Tricks
Obscure Dialing Options 2
Using Your Own ISP
Automatic Update
WebTV Viewer Files
WebTV IP#'s
WebTV Technical Information 2
File Commands
onLoad Alert
Disk Commands
Mail Commands
WebTV Connecting
Cache Commands
Client Commands
Sony Logo
News Commands
Partner Commands
Builtin Midi
Setup Commands
Bomb Disabler
Quick Reference

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